Pizza that makes you smile!

In our eyes, Pizzanaut is not just a place to keep your hunger at bay. We also want to offer our customers experience that is absolutely best of the best! We really love when we can put smiles on people’s faces and make them full of energy and positivity, just because the food was that good and service excellent. Only then can we pat ourselves on the back and say job well done!

Our head chefs Aleksandr Traigel and Oleg Belousov went to harness their craft of making the best pizzas in sunny Italy, Florence. Now we have authentic Italian pizzas with a thin base made of leaven. Lots of love and care is put into the dough. It takes us 24h for us to wait until the dough is ready! We respect and admire the freshness of each and every one of our components – from Mozzarella to basil!


There are all kinds of personalities in our team

Go ahead and come by! The oven is warm and we are more than happy to see you visit!